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Prva internacionabusines_conceptlna konferencija ICQME, Budva MOntenegro 2006. godine.

Quality Planning is an integral part of quality management, primarily focused to determine: Quality Objectives, Systems of quality (Operational Processes) and appropriate resources. The quality objectives, according to ISO standards and thought of business schools are in accordance with the policy of quality. On a regular basis this necessary demand quite often leads towards the negligence and routine approaches, , instead of becoming the primary task in the establishment of the quality objectives , tat is “The Objectives of Product Quality”. Quite common practice, in attempt to establish these objectives, is just a static approach, despite of the fact the world trends are imposing the need to recognize and acquire such approaches that will lead towards the dynamic objectives setting in reaching the goal of the quality of products. These approaches should support and maintain all phases of product life cycle, as well as the strategy of the product quality. On the other hand, the market is a merciless arbiter that sharply punishes discrepancy between the promised quality and the actual one. Dynamically set objectives of product quality should maintain the level of the products: notion of the core benefit, base product, expected product, enriched product, and potential product. These dynamically set objectives should take into consideration the relationship between the quality objectives and the value added creation of brand equity. It is not a rare case, that instead of one product; the producers offer entire product lines, and that imposes a different approach in widening the objectives dedicated to quality of product. The magnitude of this matter suggests devoting more attention towards the definition and setting of the objectives of product quality, (as illustrated by IDEA’s – Portfolio of Objectives of Product Quality)